Services from Kisiel Hire

Choose the service level that suits you best from our range of services.


Our friendly team who can assist you are just a phone call away. They can advise you on the best options for your requirements and tailor the hire package to meet your needs. We provide a written quote to confirm the package.



If your current insurance cover does not include for hired-in plant, we can arrange insurance for you at a small weekly charge. So you only pay for the time you are hiring.
Prices are dependent on the items you hire and we can provide a quote for you.

Site Survey

If you require a more complex set up of conveyor belts, one of our professionals will come to your site to advise you on the most efficient way to make use of the conveyor belts.
As Kisiel Group is also a construction company, we fully understand the importance of completing the work on your project in the most cost effective way. Our aim is to enable you to work faster, cheaper and more safely through the use of our conveyor belts.

Conveyor Set-up

Our team can also help you with the set-up of our conveyor belts on your site if your project requires any scaffolding support.
Our conveyor belts all have forklift holes to facilitate lifting and which can easily be used for scaffolding tubes so that the belts can be safely incorporated into a temporary support structure.

We aim to support you from the moment you contact us until you have completed the work, off-hired the conveyors and are moving on to the next phase of your project. 

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