Our specially selected choice of the UK’s number one conveyor belts means that you are hiring the very best for your building and construction works.

The Shifta conveyor belt is recognised in the industry as being the best equipment to move rubble, aggregates and soils and this aluminium constructed machine is lightweight and extremely portable.

 Shifta conveyor belts have:

  • Tough rubber troughed belt
  • Three-phase two-speed 110v motor
  • Portable detachable hopper
  • Maximum payload of 150 kg
  • Braked wheels
  • Machine stand for stability
  • Folding bogey
  • Two emergency stop buttons
  • Inbuilt belt-tracking and a scraper

How the Shifta conveyor belt helps you:

  • It can be used by one operator
  • The conveyor belts can be linked together to create a continuous flow to the length that you require and can be adjusted as the work progresses
  • To give you true flexibility you can choose from 3 lengths
    • 5.4 metres
    • 4.4 metres
    • 3.2 metres
  • To help with different loads you can select from 2 widths
    • 450mm
    • 300mm
  • Loads can be taken on a gradient of up to 45-50 degrees which allows you to work on challenging terrains where other machines would not be able to cope with the differing levels of land
  • The hopper is large enough to carry and move bulky material so that your work is carried out quickly and efficiently
  • When you off hire the belts, they can be easily stacked on site leaving you room to carry on other works and ready for collection on our next-day collection service

Hired from Kisiel Hire, these conveyor belts are the ideal equipment for every job.

Facts and Figures

  • Shifts between 60 and 90 tonnes per hour
  • Running speed from 20-28 metres per minute
  • Height 56 cms when lowered
  • Maximum width 62 cms
  • 4.4m machine weighs 116.5 kgs

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